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Money back guarantee

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We carefully review every expert applying to our network. And we review every call they answer. Paltap experts are the cream of the crop.

You don't need to show your face. Just your problem.

The video is for you to show your problem and provide context to your expert. Don't worry about what you look like.

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We love Youtube and Google to solve problems, but searching can eat up your time and peace of mind is rarely included!

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A Hotline For Everything


Based in Montreal, Canada, we are 3 co-founders with a vision:

How incredible would it be if every time we are stuck on something we could get the best answer there is,  in no time?

What if we could chat quickly with someone who’s seen a lifetime’s worth of situations like yours and is right there to guide you?

It’s like renting someone else’s brain. We allow it to be done in less than 90 seconds. Now for trade experts. One day, you’ll be able to find anyone.