Customer feedback

We are a very early company.

Here is a copy/paste collection of messages we received after asking customers to provide us with feedback.

From David, British Columbia

Note: we partially refunded this call to make up for the lost time

The experiance was good – got the answer I was looking for. Suggestion: have some sort of delay or pause or just a minute button or even just allow the first two min of a new client/call be included becauae Chris was diving and and had to find a spot to pull over and get ready to talk – from my side at the per min rate was expensive


From Bruce, Nebraska

Hi David, my Paltap experience was pretty straightforward and easy. To tell you the truth, I was so preoccupied with thinking of my problems/questions for Terry (Internet Electrician) (and wondering if I could even get him on a Saturday) that I did not focus too much on the mechanics of it all. I have to say that the service you provided is very useful and comes in handy for DIYers like myself who respect the expert that they may have seen on YouTube and have specific questions for him/her. The only problem I experienced was a dropped call during our conversation (I called right back) and some time lag (so we would sometimes talk over each other). That was probably due to Terry relying on a cell connection rather than thru Wi-Fi. On the other hand, I was just glad to get him on such short notice on a Saturday. Finally, if this is a new venture for you, I wish you good fortune because, as I said, this is a service which is valued by many of us. Not sure I could add anything else but if you have any other questions, I can respond. God bless and Merry Christmas!

From Edouard, Quebec

I called Barry when we realized the second-hand fridge we had ordered came with a subtle foul smell. In a few minutes, he gave us the best steps to address this and the big DON’Ts. Huge time saver as everything was out in the kitchen waiting to get back into the new fridge. And he’s super nice, which is a plus.

From Gillian, British Columbia

The call went great. Answers were on point. I would highly recommend anyone looking for help to try Paltap.

From Karl, Wyoming

Hey! So, I live in the middle of nowhere. Having an electrician come to my place is kinda not realistic. I have no choice but to do it myself. Having Max over video [call] was great – he answerd three times and went beyond my questions, suggesting something I had not thought of. I’ll use this service again for sure.

From Samantha, Washington

Oh my god. Thank you David. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I installed the app and went with it. Marie gave me a thorough explanation of what’s wrong with my sewing machine. I might end up having to get it repair, but for the time being it works and I know what to expect if I have to bite that bullet.