You are among the first users of Paltap!  You are “Getting in Early” as they say!

We are so excited that you are choosing to use Paltap as a new way to generate income.

Above all though, we really want to thank you for putting your trust in us!

Here is a checklist to help you optimize your call volume as you begin using Paltap.


Let’s get started…

Once you have registered as Pal on our website and your profile has been accepted by our team, you will receive a unique Paltap link (Your Paltap Profile) that people will use to call you.

This link will look something like this:

Copy your unique Paltap link and save it somewhere handy on your computer. Now its time to get the word out!


1. Make a Youtube Video

Making an introductory youtube video where you explain to your audience that they can now call you using Paltap is one of the best ways to get started.

Click here for a quick example of how to do that.  You will obviously give yours its very own flavour!

Choose a very short title so it’s visible in full  Ex: “Call me now over video“, “Get 1:1 help over video


You can also use the following image as a thumbnail for your video. (right-click, save as)

youtube card for paltap

**Don’t share your rates. This way, there is no need to change the video if you decide to change your rates*


If you want to check out a quick video on how to add or change Thumbnails, here is a good one:


For best results, you can also add an “info card” to your intro video with a link directly to your Paltap profile! see point 2.


2. Use Info Cards to Advertise Your Paltap Profile

While an introductory video will be seen by a good number of your subscribers, regular videos are the name of the game for advertising your profile to a broader audience over the long term.

When uploading new videos, make it a habit to remind people that “they can now call you now on Paltap for instant one-on-one advice“.

As you say that, you can use an Info Card with your Paltap profile link so that viewers can get right to it!.  Here is a good video on how to use Info cards:

As a best practice, we recommend that you keep this message short, and that the message carry the idea that a visitor could talk with you right away.


“Need help? Video call me right now”. 

Info cards can also be easily inserted on any of your previous videos (particularly those that generate lots of questions!!).


3. Use End Screens to Advertise Your Paltap Profile and Intro Video

If you do make an intro video (Point #1) to announce Paltap to your community, inserting End Screens at the end of your videos (old and new) that links people back to it, is the best way to let anybody who watches your videos know that you are available for a quick one-on-one call.


If you don’t know or aren’t sure about how to use End Screens, check out this comprehensive video:



4. Add your Paltap Link to Your Other Social Media Platforms

Do you also produce content on other social media Platforms? Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, or do you have a website?

Try adding your short personal message and your Paltap link there as well!  You may find that one of these other platforms generates even more calls for you.


5. Edit Your Youtube Video Descriptions

Follow the instructions here in order to edit your video descriptions in bulk. This way, you can do one edit for all of your videos at once! Obviously, placing it at the top of your description will give it much more visibility.

When editing you descriptions you can also use a short message like the ones referenced above.  Exemples:

Need help? Call me right now and show me your problem.

Haven’t found your answer? Let me give you a hand right now over a video call.


6. Edit Your Channel Description

When in Youtube Studio, go to Customization, then Basic info, and add your Paltap profile link.


7. Let people know about Paltap when responding to comments

Telling people about Paltap when responding to questions or comments on your channel is a great way to continue getting the word out.

Example: “If you would like some one on one help with this, Please try me on Paltap ( “….


**Check back with us regularly as we add new content and ideas as often as we can, and if you have any suggestions for us or other “Pals” out there on how to increase their call volume please let us know! [email protected]**



Why use Paltap? It’s its quick and easy…. and you know you will be paid when you pick up!