Terms and Conditions

Because we want you to know what you are signing instead of drowning you in legal text, we have tried to make a simplified version of the key points that are found in our legal texts. We encourage you to read all the legal texts as this summary cannot be considered as a legally binding agreement. Should any interpretations be made between this summary and our legal documents, our legal documents will take precedence.

This said, it is our opinion that this summary provides an accurate depiction of what’s in them.

Paltap is a company with its general headquarters situated in Montreal, Québec, Canada.
Through the Platform (paltap.io, paltap.me, iOS and Android apps), anyone can contact registered Paltap Experts (our “Pals”) to seek their expertise over an INSTANT AND LIVE video calls.

Pals are paid for their time at a rate they set themselves. Paltap users (the “Tappers”) that call Pals for their advice, are made aware of the Pal’s rate before they proceed with their call and are in complete control over the duration of the call as both the price per segment and the remaining time is visible to the caller on our interface as they carry out the call.

Three co-founders are behind the business:

David Leduc, Edouard Reinach and Gabriel Lespérance

General rules

  • When using our platform and service, you agree to be reasonable and understand that:
  • We are not responsible for the advice provided through the use of our platform;
  • We are not responsible for the behaviour of users toward other users;
  • You must be at least 16 years old to provide advices. 13 to receive them;
  • If a dispute was to happen between you and us, you agree to first go through a mediation or arbitrage process;
  • You agree to be courteous, respectful and civil in all interactions;

We stand for a world where we all play our part in developing our emotional intelligence. We consider that any interlocutor, online or offline, is worthy of consideration, respect and trust until proven otherwise. We believe that trust is the keystone for knowledge to endure and develop. We will unrelentlessly promote behavior that leads to trust among our users and actively seek to reprimand people who break this trust.

  • We record every interaction, text or video, between users on the app;
  • In the case of alleged misbehaviour, we’ll investigate these recording and take any actions we deem appropriate:
  • We will not tolerate any form of violence, racism, sexism or hate speech – related offenses will lead to a temporary to permanent ban;
  • We will not tolerate any unsolicited sexual content on our platform. You must be fully dressed while on a call. We reserve the right to ban any user that engages in inappropriate sexual behaviour and will keep this offense on record and at the ready for any legal authority asking about it;

We are protective of your data

  • We do not resell your private identifiable data.
  • We store unidentifiable data on servers that may be used to measure how our users use our websites and apps. We might use that data for our systems in order to advertise the use of the Paltap service to you. You can opt-out of this wherever you see said ads.
  • We store identifiable data and implement protection mechanisms so as to not mix this data with our advertising systems and to make it accessible to the least amount of people possible within our company.
  • We also use your transactional data (questions you send us, answers to questionnaires, video recordings etc) to gain insight into our product in order to improve it. While we understand that a video is a form of identifying information, we never, ever, associate your name or other identifying information while working with this data.

If you are a Pal

  • We ask you to make sure that you are in a comfortable environment to take the call and that you have a good enough internet connection;
  • You will be paid for a call even if the credit card used by the user is declined retroactively. This does not apply if Pal is part of fraudulent activity pertaining to the call.
  • In case of a conflict between you and a Tapper, we will have a strong bias toward you, as long as we have evidence that you behaved in what appears to be the best of your capacity.
  • While terms will change as we upgrade our capabilities, our current payout schedule is as follow:
  • We will pay you whenever two of the following occur:
    • Your balance (the money we owe you) is over 100$US
    • 90 days passed since your last payout
    • You have asked to delete your account
    • Your balance is over 1 000$US
  • Payouts will be paid within five (5) business days after the aforementioned events have been triggered.
  • Payments will be issued through the payment method you choose amongst those made available to you. We are not responsible for transaction and foreign currency exchange fees as they vary depending on the chosen options. The same is true for processing delays. If applicable, we will deduct payment processing fees from your payout. We won’t take anything else from the amount due to you. We will choose the least expensive option to pay you if such an option exists within your chosen payment method.

One last thing

  • You grant us a free, perpetual and unlimited licence to reuse, distribute, modify, edit or transform any video recording produced through your interactions on our systems. This is an important legal agreement in order for us to be able to package and make readily available to both parties recordings of videos that have taken place.
  • Also, from time to time, we might use these videos, in part or in full, for promotional, educational or demonstrative purposes. This also applies to texts and messages between users. We will try to get both parties’ approval to use the footage in a promotional context but in the event of an error, we ask in this contract that you forfeit any financial claim regarding such usage.